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Yes, DENOG was mostly an IRC Channel and a webpage. For a couple of years we held beerings and talked about moving forward with DENOG. NANONG, SWINOG and others inspired us, but we struggled to get into action.

So who is changing that now?

One day, Arnold Nipper, Jens Hoffmann, Frank Orlowski, Sascha Pollok and Marcus Stögbauer decided boldly that it is time for DENOG to evolve. Amongst others we found support from Sebastian Abt, Florian Täger, Wolfgang Tremmel and Carolin Geib. You like that? Good reason to come. You don't like that? Another good reason to come and give us a good bashing.

Why so many mentionings of DE-CIX?

Coincidence and good connections. People working at the DE-CIX Management GmbH consider themselves a part of the community and came through to provide the framework for this meeting.

Who will pay for the meeting?

The attendees of the meeting will have to pay a nominal fee. This will cover most, but probably not all costs. DE-CIX Management GmbH agreed to cover the risk. All financial transactions will be documented online.

So we can definitely meet on November 5th?

Yes! The registration has been open for a while now, go on and use it.

What is the future of DENOG?

This depends on you, the attendees. One slot at the conference is reserved for organisational issues. No need to send papers, but be prepared to speak up with your ideas and comments.

And what about Foobar?

Further questions? This is your lucky day, this is a wiki. Just edit this page, append your question and notify one of us via IRC, mail, ... We will answer the question here. We have just one request: Please do not edit one of the questions above.